hola readers, how’s your summer treating you? Mine has consisted of surfing, lounging, and the beach. Luckily, all my time spent lying around the house has given me an opportunity for plenty of fashionspiration. Over the past two days I’ve used a boring old red necktie as a belt, a fabulous headband (that just so happened to match my lipstick) and a scarf. who knew? and i  can’t get enough of my oliver bonas leather plaited studded bracelet. it’s this gorgeous purple studded leather bracelet made of three plaited strands. i love it!!! http://www.polyvore.com/leather_plaited_studded_bracelet/thing?context_id=86569763&context_type=collection&id=74663849

Just a reminder (from yesterday, oop), dedications go out to my favorite commenters. Keep those likes and comments coming! you have no idea how happy it makes me to see that one of you has something to say about my designs.

One last thing: if i get…10 comments on this post, then my next blog post will be one of my own original designs. keep those comments coming!


Cover Girl


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