happy hanukah, thanksgiving, and christmas, everyone! In celebration of these fun holidays, I wanted to thank you all with something special. leave a comment below finishing this sentence: all i want for christmas is ________. the winner with the best comment will get drum roll please: 1) a follow on their blog 2) a like, comment, and reblog on my favorite post of theirs and 3) a personal outfit designed just for them at their specifications. there’s also a prize for second and third place, OMG! second place wins: 1) a follow 2) a like and a comment, and 3) an outfit that i design for them. last but not least, third place gets:1) a follow 2) a like and 3) a outfit that they will be tagged in!  but wait! there’s more! if i get 10 comments or likes on this post, then i will post some of my own designs. hurry! you have until sunday, december 15th to respond. 

happy holidays, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


cover girl

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